Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Date of enactment: Nov 7, 2016
Last revised date: Feb 1, 2017

Operator: Quartz Group co.,Ltd

About advertisements posted on our site.

On this site, we use third-party advertisement service (Google Adsense, iTunes Affiliate).
In order to display advertisements of products and services according to the interests of users, such advertisement distribution businesses include information “Cookie” (name, address, e-mail address, telephone number) concerning access to this site and other sites It is not possible to use).
Regarding Google Adsense, please refer to the relevant company’s website for details of this process and how to prevent such information from being used for advertisement distribution businesses.

About the access analysis tool used by our site

On this site, we use “Google Analytics” access analysis tool by Google.
This Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data.
This traffic data is collected anonymously, it does not identify individuals.
Since this function can refuse collecting by invalidating cookie, please confirm the setting of your browser.
Please refer to the relevant page of Google regarding this contract.